We only work with the most prestigious instructors and best rehearsal rooms in New York City.  Our instructors are the leading experts in their disciplines from song to dance to choreography to acting – and will show you how to take your craft to the next level.

Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez, Fosse
Amber Paul
Amber Paul, Yoga
Brice Mousset
Brice Mousset, Contemporary Dance
Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson, Ballet
Ehizogie Azeke
Ehizogie Azeke, Jazz
Jenna Dosch
Jenna Dosch, Voice
young beautiful dancer jumping on a studio background
Jon Portee, Improv
Leslie Feliciano
Leslie Feliciano, Hip Hop
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado, Latin Fusion
Marjorie Failoni
Marjorie Failoni, Musical Theater Dance
Matthew Steffens
Matthew Steffens, Jazz
Michael Cusumano
Michael Cusumano, Ballet
Morgan Rose
Morgan Rose, Theater Dance
Natalie Matlotke
Natalie Malotke, Jazz
Paul Canaan
Paul Canaan, Musical Theater Dance
Richard Lisenby
Richard Lisenby, Voice
Ricky Tripp
Rickey Tripp, Hip Hop
Robin Lewis
Robin Lewis, Fosse
Valeria Cossu
Valeria Cossu, Body Percussion